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OMG its hot and humid. Slept in way late. Felt so good. Great bedding. Seriously hot and humid so staying in was fine by me. But now it is early afternoon. Time to get a move on.


The state tries to do too much. Period. The state tries to make sure no one fails. The state tries to make life risk free. The state tries to satisfy all minorities all the time even when they are taking advantage of that. The state or city is supposed to solve all problems. The state’s political majority is beholden to unions. Unions have there place… umm actually no they don’t. They did 100 years ago. Now they are havens for stupid rules, lazy people, and union reps who job is to grow the union (and the union reps salaries) regardless of any reason. Those in state unions get benefits and retirements no one the private sector gets – adn that MUST change.

FIX: The state should provide first and foremost: Police, Fire, and Emergency services. The state should provide infrastructure. Make nothing? Pay nothing. Make 5 bucks. Pay 50 cents. Make 20k? Pay 2k. Make 1 million, pay 100k. Flat tax. I am not concerned with ‘Fairness’. Screw fairness! We all live and die together. Rich, poor, or in between. Anything else, ANYTHING ELSE, is simple: Pay to play.

Other state ‘services’ such as parks should be an “I donate”. It lives or dies. You donate and they survive, or you don’t and they die. It’s the peoples choice. The internet can be a the medium to do the plea for funding and the medium for the donations.

Finally, make welfare VERY unattractive. Stigmatize it. The idea is to GET OFF IT. Not make people feel comfortable. I am not accusing welfare as the problem, but I am saying stop thinking it’s a right, or a sign of a sympathetic society. It’s a sign of system that is designed to make sure dependent people vote for those that keep them dependent. It is the ultimate exploitation. People making sure other stay ‘just poor enough’ to always vote for them.